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Eating less meat 'like taking 8m cars off road'.. or … yet more reasons to eat wild UK venison

A reflection and counterpoint to yesterday’s headlines….

It might surprise some to learn that the UK is home to a surplus of wild deer that exceeds what our habit

at can support. Consequently, there is a pressing need for deer population management, and culling is a necessary but costly measure. Unfortunately, the lack of sufficient market demand for venison makes it challenging to cover these expenses effectively. While Oxford University's research highlights the positive environmental impact of reducing [FARMED- my addition] meat consumption, it overlooks the immense potential of wild venison as a sustainable alternative. It is worth noting that government policies now recognize the importance of culling more wild deer to meet tree planting targets and to regenerate and maintain biodiverse habitats. By embracing the consumption of wild venison, we can actively contribute to maintaining a balanced and sustainable deer population while supporting conservation efforts. However, the benefits of wild venison extend far beyond conservation. Health-conscious individuals can appreciate venison as a desirable option, given its low fat content compared to traditional red meats. Moreover, venison is a rich source of essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and B-vitamins, contributing to overall well-being. Embracing wild venison as a dietary choice is not only eco-friendly but also promises health advantages for meat-eaters. As the government sets ambitious net zero targets for 2032, reevaluating dietary choices becomes paramount. While reducing overall meat consumption remains an essential goal, encouraging the consumption of wild venison can complement these efforts, making a positive impact on both environmental sustainability and public health. In conclusion, the Oxford University study serves as a timely wake-up call for the UK to address the environmental impact of meat consumption. By embracing wild venison, we not only contribute to the health of our ecosystem but also empower ourselves to make healthier dietary choices. Let us seize the opportunity to support conservation, enhance public health, and create a more sustainable future by embracing the unique benefits of wild venison consumption.

Geoff Wickett,

Chiltern Venison

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