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I can offer venison in a variety of forms- ideal for weekday dining through to special occasion cuts.


Healthy, filling and truly delicious

Our Venison sausages & burgers are bigger than your average sausage or burger.

Packed with venison, with only enough pork to add the essential fat and available with an every changing variety of seasonings including Chorizo, Sage and Red Onion (our most popular) and Gluten Free Supreme.

All are wonderful fried slowly or cooked slowly in stock, beer or wine. Delicious.


All comprehensively allergen labelled on pack, if you have any queries, please ask.

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Local, organic, healthy and  sustainable

Minced venison makes a perfect alternative to minced beef or minced lamb- or blend it with other minces for a variety of flavours. Consider making your own venison burgers, venison meat balls, venison bolognaise or venison chilli con carne.

Equally, diced venison is ideal for winter casseroles and pies in lieu of diced beef. 

Both diced and minced venison come from the shoulders and neck of the beasts. Being harder working, these cuts are ideal for slower cooking.


A choice cut

The Sirloin comes from the back of the beast, and is available in steaks or as loin strips.

The steaks are fried as per beef sirloin- hot and fast, then allowed to rest for a few minutes (2-3) in a warm place.

The loin strips make an amazing venison wellington- ideal for special occasions, 700g (about one loin) is enough to feed 4 adults.

Ask about venison bones for roasting to make a gravy to accompany!



Prime roasting joints

The haunches (the animal's behind) are the premium joints, ideal for roasting (treat as per lamb- you can even stud with garlic and rosemary) whether they are boned or left whole (bone in).

Pave steaks are cross cut from the individual haunch muscles. Beautiful pan fried/griddled in butter/olive oil. 


A double chop- what's not to love?

Chunkier than a single chop, taken from the prime loin section. 

Cover with olive oil, season and drill or pan fry pink.



Extra Value- ideal for a tasty slow cook

Venison shanks are bigger than lamb shanks, but can be treated in the same way, cooked slowly in stock, beer or wine. Delicious.


Great for gravy- and happy dogs

I like for nothing to go to waste, and we've got it down to a small length of intestine as the only thing that doesn't get used by dogs or red kites.

Please ask (text or email) for bones or skin- great for either gravy and canine friends. There's always bones to spare- a bone a day is nature's canine toothbrush, resulting in clean teeth and no dog breath.

By the way, although I am regularly asked for them, most deer antlers aren't really suitable as dog chews. Neither are the bigger, weight bearing leg bones- both of which can cause painful and expensive teeth damage. We won't give either to our dog.

Our beloved deer dog (aka "Canine Cost Centre") is thriving a diet of offal, green tripe (not for the faint hearted) and bones with weekly oily fish and raw eggs.


Cut selection

This may help clarify what the names refer to and which cuts to use for your dishes...

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