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Chiltern Venison

I manage some of the thriving wild deer populations here in the beautiful beech woods of the Chiltern Hills.

Beautiful as they are, too many deer are themselves a threat to biodiversity, primarily through overgrazing (groundcover) and overbrowsing (tree/hedge damage)- required for birds, insects and our other mammals. 

It's only right and proper that the animal is respected and doesn't go to waste and so for a number of years I've been supplying some of the best local restaurants with their venison. Our team are professional trained hunters and fully qualified in large game meat handling, deer management and humane dispatch (for Deer Traffic Collisions). We also have a 5* hygiene rating and we are a licensed waste carrier.

With the cost of living rising, fewer people are eating out and more people are upgrading their repertoire, I'm delighted to also now supply to the public, both via local businesses and direct. Much supermarket venison is farmed either in New Zealand, undertaking a sea journey of 14,000 miles - seems crazy when we can source it within 15 miles or in the UK - equally crazy when we have a wild deer problem.

Here's an interview I did with Charlie Jacoby for the excellent Fieldsports Channel talking about how Chiltern Venison got started and showcasing one of our brilliant retailers- Peterley Manor Farm Shop.

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