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Please either use the form below, or call Geoff on 07813818072. Thank you.

Hughenden Valley, Nr High Wycombe, Bucks, UK 

Please note there is not a dedicated shop here. If you would like to buy direct please contact me before visiting.

07813 818072

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Trained Hunter- Large Game Meat Handling

Deer Stalking Certificate 1 (DSC 1) 2010

Deer Stalking Certificate 2 (DSC 2) 2011

Deer Management (BDS/LANTRA) 2013

Humane Dispatch (Deer Traffic  Collisions) (BDS/LANTRA) 2019

Food Establishment (Bucks Council) March 2020 5* hygiene rating


Licensed waste carrier

  • How do you ensure your carcasses are all from local deer?
    Our small team of trained hunters are all local, as are our grounds, and all our wild deer carcasses have full traceable provenance. The unique reference on the pack identifies the estate, the species, where and when shot, when it was inspected and when it was butchered and packed. We are one of the few wild venison suppliers that offer from field to fork traceability.
  • Why do you blast freeze your venison?
    It’s about quality - with standard (slower) freezing, the water inside the meat crystalises when frozen. These crystals inside the food are large in size and in defrosting, these rupture the food cells thus altering the taste and texture of your thawed food. A blast freezer, on the other hand, forms smaller crystals since food is frozen faster. This allows for the preservation of the food cells which, in turn, helps maintain the natural quality of the food. For 4 years we have been supplying high quality fresh venison to some of the areas finest pubs and restaurants and retailing in local stores; supply and demand keeps growing and having started off as a lockdown hobby we were runners up in the UK Game Retailer of the year awards in 2023- and that was while it was a hobby business. Two thirds of all venison is currently eaten “out of home” and we’re on a mission to get more people eating more venison more often, all year round. That means making it accessible, easy and understood so that it becomes a staple. We want to bring that quality and selection to a wider audience…. All the wild deer are harvested by trained hunters who take food safety very seriously. Carcasses are hung for 7-10 days before being skinned, inspected by FSA Vets and UK stamped. They are then processed, butchered and vacuum packed for ultimate freshness before being frozen. This guarantees that every box will arrive with its customer as fresh as possible and still frozen ready to be either defrosted straight away or stored in the freezer. All our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and our parcels are sent out mid week on a next day service.
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