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A bit of fun in the workshop from a one antlered fallow deer

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Culled as part of a herd management programme, I like to use as much of the beast as I humanly can. As we've got a dog, pretty much the only bits that can't be used are the hooves, the skin and some of the head. I don't shoot deer for their antlers, so that the better genetics stay within the herd, rather I cull the weaker beasts/weaker heads which indicate that the deer is now "going back" (once a deer's teeth wear down too far it will, sadly, in the absence of predators, starve to death) or has poor genes that won't benefit the herd. This particular beast had probably snapped an antler whilst sparring with another beast during the "rut", and had picked up some other injuries at the same time.

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