Healthy and ethical

Wild venison is one of the healthiest & leanest meats, making for great eating, be it as a joint, steaks, diced in stews and casseroles, or minced and with, or in place of, beef, lamb  pork.

Many people believe venison is hard to cook or expensive, or both. I'd love to help correct that- for a start, if in doubt cook it like you would lamb and the fore-end (the neck and shoulders which do all the work) slowly and the tender haunches/loin hot and fast.

Wondering about recipe ideas? Venison is incredibly versatile and healthy, I’ve oodles of venison recipes ranging from the "wow" to the weekday kitchen supper- please ask if you’d like some suggestions.

Mostly my venison is from fallow deer, with the occasional muntjac, all shot in the Chilterns to a woodland/crop & deer management plan. They’re totally wild, were unstressed and have never been near steroids or antibiotics.