Emily writes... In 2017 I qualified as a pet dog trainer, gaining full membership to the Professional Association of Canine Trainers and in 2020 I qualified with the Gundog Training Academy. I am also a qualified bronze level instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs.

In 2017 I brought home Louie, the crazy red working cocker spaniel, he has taught me so much about the breed and has fed my passion to focus on gundog training. I am passionate about helping new puppy owners to give their dogs the best start through building strong relationships with positive training and games. Louie taught me the importance of building the foundations for a happy and content working gundog living in a pet home. We have achieved Distinction in our Grade 1, 2 & 3 Gun Dog Club Assessments and we also partake in beating during the season.

In 2020 Evie the Springer Spaniel joined the team, we will be sharing our training journey from Puppy to Gundog with Evie so do check our our Social Media pages for advice on raising a Gundog Puppy for the field. 



Shepherdess extraordinaire, Head Honcho at Henley Farmers' Market

Grass fed, British native and rare breed sheep from Medmenham and around  Fawley and Skirmett. We sell at farmers markets, butchers and to restaurants in the local area. We are now also selling online at the Henley Circle local producers shop.

Our animals are produced using a low input system, made possible by the low demands made by the conservation breeds of sheep we produce. The use of chemicals is minimal and only as necessary for the welfare of our animals.

Our aim is to provide high quality lamb and mutton products with excellent flavour and minimum impact on the environment. Explore our website to find out more about us and where you can buy our lamb.


At Bray Cured we mix traditional artisan charcuterie production with new ways of doing things, to create our delicious range of charcuterie items. Every Bray Cured recipe begins in the tiny garden workshop, where we combine rare breed English meats with blends of quality spices and homegrown flavours. Once it’s been tested in the TGW, and refined into the best charcuterie we can create, the recipe goes into production.

Everything we create at Bray Cured is handcrafted. It’s a slow process, where the connection with the food is emphasised. Our relationship with every batch of artisan charcuterie we produce is special. From the selection of the meat, to the grinding, stuffing, curing and drying processes, we work really closely with each batch to make it as good as it can be.

Each batch is individual, requiring understanding and special attention to get the best out of a product which varies greatly, even depending on whether it’s raining outside, whether the weather is warmer or colder. And ultimately it’s about service, as if we were serving you the best charcuterie in our home. So much love goes into the product, and we want that product to give you a wonderful experience.